Top 3 Benefits of Dental Implants

dental implants in north liberty IAMany patients visit our office looking for longterm solutions to replacing their missing teeth. At Design Dental, we often recommend dental implants to our North Liberty, IA patients. This is because dental implants offer our patients many benefits that they simply wouldn’t get from other restorative dentistry options. Here are three benefits that patients will get from dental implants:

No Dietary Restrictions

When replacing a missing tooth, the two main options are dental implants or dental bridges. Some patients may prefer dental bridges because they do not require a surgical procedure as a dental implant does. However, it’s important to note that while dental implants may require a surgical procedure, this is because the implant provides tooth-root functionality that dental bridges do not. A dental implant involves a titanium post that is surgically implanted beneath your soft tissues and, as it heals, fuses together with your jawbone. This means that once the dental implant is completely healed, you won’t have to worry about any dietary restrictions. Patients can enjoy all of their favorite crunchy or chewy foods with dental implants. On the other hand, with dental bridges, you’ll avoid the surgical procedure but will need to make changes to your diet to ensure the bridge’s hardware is not damaged by the types of foods you eat.

No Additional Steps in Oral Hygiene Routines

Many patients with dental bridges will need to adapt to new oral hygiene routines to ensure that their dental bridge is taken care of. Often, our doctors will need to demonstrate to dental bridge patients how to effectively clean around and beneath their dental bridge. Otherwise, the dental bridge, the soft tissues beneath the dental bridge, and the surrounding teeth may deteriorate faster than they usually would. With dental implants, patients don’t need to worry about any long-term maintenance routines. Once the dental implant is fully healed, you do not have to worry about treating it any differently than you would your natural tooth. As long as you continue to brush and floss, as well as schedule regular oral health and wellness visits with your trusted North Liberty, IA dentist, your dental implant should last you for many, many years.

Look, Feel, and Functionality of Natural Tooth

Perhaps the best benefit that dental implants offer to our patients is the overall look, feel, and functionality of a natural tooth. Cosmetically, there is no difference between a dental implant and your natural tooth. A dental implant is topped with a custom made dental crown that is designed specifically to match your surrounding teeth.

The aesthetics of the dental crown, matched with the functionality of the surgically implanted titanium post gives your tooth restoration the ability to perform in your smile just as all of your natural teeth do. Don’t let missing teeth be the reason you hide your smile.

Our team at Design Dental offers a full range of tooth replacement options to restore function, health, and beauty to your natural smile. If you are missing one or more teeth, schedule an appointment with Design Dental to explore your tooth replacement options and determine if dental implants are right for you.