Missing Teeth North Liberty, IA

Missing teeth, whether one or many, is a dental concern that can compromise your oral health and daily quality of life. Replacing lost teeth will stabilize your oral health, restore function, and give you back the confidence to enjoy life. Dr. Tu offers personalized, comprehensive care for the replacement of lost teeth. From dental bridges to implant dentures, Dr. Tu can work with you to evaluate your needs and determine the best possible solution for restoring a beautiful smile.

Why replace missing teeth?

Replace missing teeth in North Liberty, Iowa

The loss of one or more teeth can lead to a range of complex dental problems over time. When a tooth is missing, the tooth root is also missing. This will impact the structure of bone tissue in the jaw. If several teeth are missing, this can lead to noticeable changes in your appearance as the jaw slowly sinks inward.

The fit and function of the bite are also affected by tooth loss, and you may have increased difficulty eating and speaking comfortably. Missing teeth can also increase your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Replacing your missing teeth promptly will minimize or eliminate your risk for these concerns and stabilize your dental health. Using a dental implant to replace a lost tooth or secure an appliance will provide the most natural result. Additionally, it will support the health and structure of the jaw.

Tooth Replacement Options

Dr. Tu will thoroughly evaluate all aspects of your bite and dental health. Then, he will recommend a treatment option to meet your needs. The goal is to replace your missing teeth while also addressing and stabilizing any additional dental problems. This will help your new one last longer.

Our dentists will focus on your unique needs, helping you identify your long-term goals. We will provide you with the right dental care so that you can enjoy your best smile.

Dental bridge

A dental bridge is a fixed appliance that we can anchor to existing healthy teeth or dental implants. Dentists use dental bridges to replace one or several consecutive missing teeth.


A full or partial denture can replace several missing teeth or a full arch of teeth. We can customize a set of dentures to blend in with your natural appearance. Today’s dentures are more comfortable and stable than those worn by previous generations. If you qualify, we can permanently secure the denture using dental implants for a stable and naturally functioning new smile.

Dental implants

The most natural tooth replacement option is a dental implant-secured restoration. This tooth replacement solution functions much like a natural tooth. It replaces the lost root and crown portion of the tooth to maintain your jaw structure.

Schedule A Dental Exam & Missing Teeth Consultation

If you have missing teeth and would like to explore your tooth replacement options with Dr. Tu in our North Liberty dental office, contact us to schedule an appointment. We welcome new patients and can help you restore a smile that looks and feels great.

Have you been avoiding the dentist due to anxiety or fear? Would you like to restore your oral health and quality of life? We welcome you to visit our dental practice. We provide the compassionate dental care you need to get the help you need.