Dental Implant FAQs

When will my mouth feel normal after my dental implant surgery?

Everyone heals at different rates, so this will play a major role in how long it takes you to feel normal. Most people seem to feel better about one to two weeks after the procedure. At this time, you should not feel any more pain and will be able to resume normal activities and eating.

Will I be put to sleep during surgery?

Yes, most patients will need to be sedated during the procedure. Placing the dental implants in the jaw is an invasive procedure therefore, sedation is needed for your comfort.

Why are dental implants the best solution for teeth replacement?

Dental implants serve two purposes: to support the dental restoration and replacement of the missing teeth roots. Since the implants are placed in the jaw bone, they offer the best and most durable foundation for the new fixture. They will also prevent bone loss by replacing the teeth roots. This is the only teeth replacement solution that can do this.

What are dental implants made of?

Most implants are made of titanium which is a type of metal that is biocompatible. Titanium is often used in the human body for various medical reasons, including limb replacement. Human bone is able to fuse to this type of material. However, there are people with known allergies to titanium. In this case, zirconium implants are available.

Do I qualify for dental implants if I smoke?

If you smoke and suffer from missing teeth, dental implants may not be the best solution for you, especially if you are a heavy smoker. Smokers have a much harder time healing after surgery and thus have a higher chance of implant failure. To lower your implant failure rate, Dr. Tu will recommend quitting before deeming you a good dental implant candidate.

How long will my treatment take?

Placing and restoring dental implants is a process that will take many months to complete. If you do not require any pre-treatments, such as a bone graft or extractions, then it could take less than six months. However, if you are not in good oral health and require pre-treatments, it could take over a year to complete the process.

Are there any downsides to choosing teeth implants?

Choosing dental implants is a lifelong commitment. They will cost significantly more than any other tooth replacement solution. However, they should be viewed as an investment in your oral health since they are also superior to other options. The process to have them placed will take significantly longer as well. You can have a bridge or denture placed in weeks, while it will take several months (sometimes up to a year) to complete the implant process.

How is a denture attached to dental implants?

If you need a denture to replace an entire row of teeth, anywhere from four to eight dental implants will be placed in the jaw bone. The implants will allow the denture to either snap into place, or it will be anchored to the implants with screws. To learn more about how each of those options works, we recommend scheduling a dental implant consultation with Dr. Tu at his North Liberty, IA dentist office.