Single Dental Implants North Liberty, IA

Dr. S. Jeremy Tu is an experienced dentist in North Liberty, IA, who offers single dental implants. If you have a missing tooth, Dr. Tu and his experienced staff will help you replace it with a quality dental implant-supported crown. Your new tooth will look completely natural, and compared to a dental bridge or partial denture, it offers many more aesthetic and health benefits.

Single Tooth Replacement

Do I have to replace one missing tooth?

While you do not have to do anything, we highly recommend that you replace even one missing tooth. It is actually bad for your oral health and can lead to many problems. It can also cause embarrassment if you can visibly see the gap when you laugh, smile, or talk.

Teeth rely on other teeth to remain in the proper position. When a tooth is missing or extracted, then the surrounding teeth lose part of their support. This can lead to complications such as remaining teeth shifting out of position and bite problems. Bite problems can cause issues with chewing and TMJ disorders. Dr. Tu will always recommend that you replace your single missing tooth. It can lead to problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, and bone loss.

Single Dental Implants North Liberty, IA

Using a Single Dental Implant to Replace a Tooth

While there are several options to replace a tooth, a single dental implant is your best option. It is also the most popular solution because of how natural it looks, feels, and functions. Your new dental implant can last a lifetime if you care for your oral health very well.

A dental implant is the only solution that will replace your tooth at the root and stop bone loss. The root is what prevents the jaw bone from deteriorating after a tooth is missing. If you do not replace the tooth at the root, the bone will slowly reabsorb into the body and alter the shape of your face. An implant-supported dental crown will only replace the missing tooth and does not require the use of remaining healthy teeth.

Your Other Options

A dental bridge or partial denture (also called a flipper tooth) are feasible options to replace a tooth. They are both affordable, easy, and fast treatment options but have more cons than pros. Neither of these options will replace the missing tooth root and, therefore, will not prevent bone loss in the jaw.

A dental bridge requires the two surrounding teeth on either side of the gap to be altered to accommodate it. It will also place a lot of extra stress on those two healthy teeth.

A partial denture is never a long-term solution for a missing tooth. It is very unstable, and many people say it is uncomfortable. It offers very little durability, making eating and speaking difficult for some. Dentures require a strict daily maintenance and cleaning routine, and you will eventually need to replace them.

If you are interested in replacing your tooth with a single dental implant, please contact our North Liberty, IA dentist office to schedule a dental implant consultation. Call (319) 284-4361 or request an appointment online to get started today.