Dental Implant Process North Liberty, IA

At Design Dental in North Liberty, IA, Dr. S. Jeremy Tu offers many types of dental implants for patients suffering from tooth loss or damaged teeth. The process of getting a dental implant restoration takes many months, visits to the dentist, and patience. While it is a more invasive process and time-consuming, it is the closest available option that mimics natural teeth.

The Dental Implant Process

The dental implant process will require many appointments and healing time. You should plan on devoting about six months to completing it. This time frame could be longer or shorter based on your unique needs. If you need any preparation treatments completed, the entire process will take longer. This includes gum disease treatment, having dental fillings done, extractions, or addressing insufficient bone tissue. These procedures may require extra healing before moving on to the implant process.

Dental Implant Process North Liberty, iowa

Consultation and Evaluation

The first step in the process is to determine if you qualify for teeth implants. Dr. Tu will examine your mouth, teeth, and gums and will need to discuss your medical history to determine if you are a candidate. To qualify, you must be in good overall health and have enough bone tissue to support the implants. We will create a treatment plan for you based on your unique needs.

Placing the Implants

Dr. Tu works with local oral surgeons in the North Liberty, IL, area during this phase. They will insert the implants into the jaw bone during a surgical procedure. The surgeon will implant the metal posts into their predetermined position along your jaw. It will take about an hour to place a single implant and up to several hours for multiple implants.

Healing Phase

A critical step in the implant process involves letting them heal and integrate with the bone during a process called osseointegration. This will take anywhere from three to six months. In some cases, we can place a temporary dental restoration on the implants for aesthetics. Once the implants fuse with the bone, they will then be sturdy enough to support a dental restoration.

Placing the Abutment

The next step is to connect the abutment to the implants. Your dentist will need to uncover the implants during a minor procedure. Your gums will need a few additional weeks to heal.

Final Restoration

Dr. Tu will take impressions of your teeth. A dental lab will use these to make your permanent dental restoration. They will be custom-made to fit perfectly and look completely natural. During your final appointment at our North Liberty, IA, dentist office, Dr. Tu will attach your replacement teeth. This will be a dental crown, dental bridge, or denture.

To learn more about how long the dental implant will take, schedule a consultation with Dr. Tu at his North Liberty, IA, dentist office, where he can create a treatment plan based on your needs. His professional dental staff will review the entire dental implant process with you as well as answer any questions you may have. Call (319) 284-4361 or request an appointment online to get started today.