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Are you unhappy with the appearance of your teeth?

Do you wish you could smile without feeling embarrassed about how your teeth look? Your smile is often the first thing people notice so your teeth play a huge role in first impressions. Cosmetic dentistry has the power to help you gain confidence in your appearance.

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Dr. S. Jeremy Tu is an Iowa City, IA area cosmetic dentist that utilizes several treatments to help patients transform their smile. He can correct uneven, cracked, chipped, gapped, misshapen, and discolored teeth. If you are searching for excellent and affordable cosmetic dental care, schedule a consultation with Dr. Tu today!

What to Expect

During your cosmetic dentistry consultation, Dr. Tu will perform a full dental evaluation and will ask you what you like and dislike about your teeth. He can then recommend treatments to help you achieve a smile that you love. A treatment plan will be made that will address all your concerns, support your long term dental health and be within your budget. If you suffer from any underlying dental health problems, those will also need to be addressed.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Dr. Tu offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments that are both affordable and very effective. He can repair damaged teeth, fix crooked teeth, brighten stained teeth and reshape teeth that are too short or too long. His goal is to deliver results that will make you love your smile and help you gain confidence in your appearance.

Porcelain Veneers – These are thin, ceramic shells that are attached to the front and sides of teeth to disguise just about any cosmetic blemish.

Tooth Bonding – Bonding is an affordable method used to fix minor chips, discoloration, uneven and gapped teeth. It can be used for patients of all ages and only involves a single visit to our Iowa City, IA area dentist office.

Tooth Whitening – Professional teeth whitening is the safest and quickest way to improve the appearance of stained or yellow teeth. Our in-office whitening treatment is quick, affordable and effective.

Why Do I Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

No one really needs to improve the appearance of their teeth however doing so can actually help your oral health while giving you a boost in confidence. Smiling with confidence can improve your overall well-being which can help you in your personal and professional life. Certain treatments can even help with certain dental problems. If you suffer from malocclusion (an uneven bite), we offer treatments that will realign your bite and help relieve the symptoms.

Cosmetic Solutions for Patients from Iowa City, IA
Investing in your smile will improve many aspects of your life. Dr. Tu and his team of professionals are ready to help you make changes to your teeth to improve the appearance of your smile. Get started today by contacting Design Dental to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation by calling (319) 284-4361 or request an appointment online. We are currently welcoming new patients seeking expert cosmetic dental care from Iowa City, IA to our Cedar Rapids dentist office located just a short distance away.