Dentures Tiffin, IA

Design Dental is a local dentist office that serves patients from Tiffin, IA. We are led by Dr. S. Jeremy Tu and a brilliant dental care team. Dr. Tu is a talented restorative dentist and provides dentures to patients who suffer from missing teeth. Dentures are a common dental restoration that can improve your oral health and help you regain confidence in yourself. Additionally, we provide dental services to patients in Tiffin, IA.

Dentures Tiffin, IA

Types of Dentures in Tiffin, IA

Of the various types of dentures available, Dr. Tu will help you determine which one is best for you. Since no two patients are the same, there is no one size fits all solution. The dentist can use dentures to replace a few teeth, a whole row of teeth, or even an entire mouth of teeth. During your consultation at our Tiffin, IA area dentist office, Dr. Tu will examine your entire mouth and help you choose which option best suites your oral health, comfort, and budget.

Full Dentures

Dentists use full dentures to replace an entire row of teeth, either on the top or bottom. The fake teeth are fused to the denture base, which is made of acrylic or metal. Full dentures remain in place inside the mouth with a layer of saliva between the denture and the gums which creates suction. Patients may also choose to use denture adhesive if they need to. Full dentures are removable. At the very least, patients should remove them for six hours a day to give their gums a rest and for cleaning.

Partial Dentures

Dentists use partial dentures to replace several missing teeth when a few natural teeth are remaining. You can use them on the top or the bottom arch. A partial is made of a gum-colored base with false teeth fused to it. The dentist will place the replacement teeth on the base so that they are in the position of the missing teeth, essentially filling in the gaps. The base is attached to a metal framework with clasps that will snap around the remaining teeth. Just like full dentures, patients need to remove partials for cleaning every day.

Denture Implants

Using dental implants to replace a full set of teeth is the most life-like solution for missing teeth. Your dentist will surgically place a number of teeth implants into the jaw bone, typically anywhere from four to eight. The more fixtures they use, the more stable the denture will be. The set of false teeth will be secured to the teeth implants with screws. Because of this, we consider it a permanent restoration that only a dentist can remove. There is also a type of denture that you can snap onto the implants. Patients will need to remove this type of denture daily for cleaning.

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