Dentures Cedar Rapids, IA

Missing teeth or teeth that have been extracted due to severe damage will leave you with a significant void in your smile. These voids can impact your health as well as your self-confidence. Missing teeth, especially when an entire row is missing, will force you into a lifestyle that affects the way you eat, talk, smile and laugh. Replacing them is extremely important for your health and well-being. Dr. S. Jeremy Tu is a Cedar Rapids, IA area restorative dentist that offers dentures that can be made to mimic your natural teeth. He offers high-quality dentures that are comfortable and will restore your oral health.

Dentures Cedar Rapids IA

About Dentures

Dentures are custom made fake teeth that are fused to a base. There are several different types of dentures that can accommodate the amount of teeth you are missing and the method in which they are held in place inside your mouth. No matter which type you choose, Dr. Tu will create a restoration that will fit seamlessly.

Partial Dentures – Commonly just called ‘partials’, partial dentures are used to replace a several, but not all, teeth on an arch. The artificial teeth are fused to a base made out of a combination of metal and acrylic materials. These are designed to stay in place with clasps and rests that will form around the remaining teeth.

Full Dentures – For patients missing a whole row of teeth, full denture is used to replace all of them. All the fake teeth are fused to plastic base that is color of gum tissue. This plastic base is will remain in place in your mouth by forming a seal with gums and/or with adhesive.

Denture Implants – This type of custom made restoration is held in place with dental implants. Using up to eight implants, Dr. Tu can create a denture that will snap onto the implants or be fixed to the implants with screws. Denture implants will help reduce bone loss in the jaw and improve the structure of your face.

Having Your Dentures Made

The process of having your dentures made takes several appointments to our Cedar Rapids, IA area dentist office, usually over the span of several weeks. We will take impressions and measurements that will be used to fabricate your denture which is done in a dental laboratory. When they are ready, we will have you try them on to see if any adjustments need to be made. We will make sure they are comfortable, fit correctly and are color-matched to blend in nicely with the rest of your smile.

The Benefits of Denture Implants

If you choose to secure your denture with dental implants, the process will be different. It takes longer and will also cost more. However, denture implants have many more benefits especially when compared to traditional dentures. The implants will actually act as missing teeth roots which will help prevent bone loss and support the structure of your face. They will also allow you to eat a greater variety of foods including many healthy foods that must be avoided with traditional dentures. No yucky adhesive is required to hold them in place since implants are very durable because of the bond they form with the surrounding bone.