Dental Bridge Tiffin, IA

Dr. S. Jeremy Tu is an expert restorative dentist in the Tiffin, IA, area that utilizes dental bridges to replace patient’s missing teeth. A dental bridge is a common restoration that dentists use to replace missing or damaged teeth. There are many types of them available to meet your needs. They can replace anywhere from one to four teeth. A bridge is made up of fake teeth (the pontics) and dental crowns, which are located on the ends. Your dentist can secure it with adjacent teeth or dental implants. We also provide additional dental services from our Iowa dental office.

Dental Bridge Tiffin, IA

The Dental Bridge Process

Replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge is a multi-step process. Dr. Tu will need to examine your teeth and x-rays to assess your oral health and determine your needs. He may need to perform preparatory procedures such as a tooth extraction or dental filling.

At the next appointment, your dentist will prepare the adjacent teeth. This involves reducing the size of the teeth to create room for the dental crowns. During this appointment, we administer local anesthetic around the teeth for your comfort. We will take several impressions of your teeth. These are sent away to a dental laboratory and used to fabricate your new, custom dental bridge.

It typically takes about two to three weeks for a dental lab to make a dental bridge. Once we receive it, you will return to our Tiffin, IA, area dentist office. Your dentist will then secure the bridge to the abutment teeth.

Implant-Supported Bridge

A dental bridge that is secured to dental implants is the best way to replace more than two teeth. They have a high success rate, and they eliminate the need to degrade perfectly healthy adjacent teeth. Unlike traditional dental bridges, they also promote healthy bone regeneration. When you lose a tooth, the bone beneath it will begin to slowly atrophy. Placing a number of dental implants in the jaw bone at the void will prevent bone loss and continue to hold the shape of your face.

This type of restoration does require more time and money. It is a sophisticated way to replace missing teeth. A dentist or oral surgeon will insert the dental implants into your jawbone during a surgical procedure. Then, you will leave the implants to heal and integrate with the surrounding bone. This takes about three to six months. Last, your dentist will attach the dental bridge. However, a dental implant-secured bridge is the only option available that most resembles natural teeth.

How do you eat with a dental bridge?

Since most types of bridges are fixed, it is not usually difficult to eat when you have one. Your dentist will secure a dental bridge to the abutments with a very strong bond making it difficult for them to move or shift. Because of this, you can chew food with little worry. The only food restrictions involve items that can harm the bridge such as very hot beverages, food or beverages that stain teeth easily, hard food, and sticky food.

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