Cosmetic Dentistry Cedar Rapids, IA

At Design Dental, we truly want our patients from Cedar Rapids to smile with confidence. This is why we offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can transform any cosmetic dental concern in addition to general dentistry treatments and services that will help you attain optimal oral health.

We want you to have healthy teeth and gums for life, but we also want you to love the appearance of your smile.

Dr. S. Jeremy Tu and his team at Design Dental can help you upgrade your smile. Whether you want a minor enhancement or a serious upgrade to the appearance of your teeth and gums, we can help you. We use state-of-the-art dental technology and detailed assessments to design our patient’s smiles. We also provide additional dental services to our patients in Cedar Rapids.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Dr. Tu offers patients from Cedar Rapid, IA, treatments that will deliver healthy and beautiful smiles. The cosmetic dentistry treatments will improve the appearance of your smile and also support your overall dental health. Our treatments are both highly effective and affordable.

Dr. Tu can realign crooked teeth, brighten stained or yellow teeth, and reshape teeth that are crooked and uneven. Our goal is to help each patient gain confidence in themself through their smile. The cosmetic dentistry options we offer that can correct almost any cosmetic concerns include:

  • Porcelain Veneers: Dental veneers are ultra-thin shells that are bonded to the front and sides of a tooth. It will disguise almost any cosmetic blemish, including stained, crooked, chipped, gapped, or misshapen teeth.
  • Tooth Bonding: Teeth bonding is an affordable way to correct a cosmetic concern. Dr. Tu uses a composite resin that he will apply to the tooth and mold into the proper shape. It is often used to address stained, chipped, gapped, or misshapen teeth as well as teeth with minor misalignment.
  • Tooth Whitening: In-office teeth whitening is a very popular cosmetic dentistry treatment because it delivers instant results. In just one hour, you will see whiter teeth that are up to eight shades brighter.

What to Expect

Dr. Tu will first meet with you to discuss what you like and dislike about your smile and what your expectations and budget are. Next he will examine your jaw, gums and teeth to determine the current state of your oral health. Dr. Tu will make sure you have optimal oral health before performing any cosmetic dentistry treatments.

If needed, he will treat you for structural issues, tooth decay or gum disease first to create a healthy foundation for your cosmetic dental treatments.

Dr. Tu will create a treatment plan that will include specific details to meet your goals, needs and budget. Our goal is to preserve as much of the natural teeth structure as best as possible and then improve the appearance of your overall smile.

Schedule a Dental Exam & Smile Makeover Consultation

Dr. Tu is an experienced cosmetic dentist in North Liberty, IA. He is currently welcoming patients from Cedar Rapids who want to improve their smile with cosmetic dentistry. We also provide a plethora of other dental services that may interest you. to Whether you need to simply brighten your smile or address more complex concerns, we have an effective treatment for you.

Contact us today to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Tu. Call us at (319) 284-4361 or request an appointment online. We look forward to helping you smile with confidence.